Thursday, February 9, 2017

Autoimmune disease has given me a sixth sense, as well as, THRUSH!

I know it is hard to believe, but having multiple autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain/illnesses have given me some blessings. It is quite ironic actually. When I think about it, I am very in tune so to speak, with my body, because of what I have been going through. I usually can tell that I am becoming sick or something is off with my body before the average person would be able to notice it, if at all!  This to me is one of the few, yet still blessings that I have been granted,, due to my illnesses. I like to consider myself a glass half full type of gal! So I count my blessings and am thankful for my sixth sense that Autoimmune and being sick has blessed me with, Medical Intuition!

The past week or so I have been experiencing extreme dry mouth, no matter how much water I would drink. My sugary drinks made it so much worse! The other day I had an almost metal like taste in my mouth. I have had this taste before in the past, for different reasons. Of course, I did my research and remembered that there were certain conditions or reasons that this would be happening. As usual, I could not remember, chalk it up to my brain fog. This alerted me that something was wrong. I had also been suffering from dry mouth for the past few weeks, as well as dry eyes and sinus issues. Of course, I had reached out to my doctor's office by calling them requesting medications and even brought these issues up at both my family doctor appointment AND my rheumatologist appointment this month. It really frustrates me that because I feel they become so overwhelmed with all of my current and new symptoms that they just dismiss me and do not take me seriously and ultimately do not treat me at all!

Fast forward a few days and I started to have this burnt sensation on my tongue and I knew that I had not burnt my tongue on anything. I looked at my tongue in the mirror and there was a nasty white coating, red bumps, and my tongue just did not look healthy AT ALL! (see images below) So, I did some research and quickly realized that I have Thrush, which is very unpleasant, to say the least. I called my doctor a few times over the past few days to see if he could call me something in for it and surprise, SURPRISE! he has yet to get back to me. What else could I expect from him?! I decided to, yet again, do my own research as how to get rid of it naturally through home remedies, because who really needs more medication!? I will share with you below some helpful information and links in case you ever find yourself with this absolutely disgusting situation!

This is days, possibly a week, after noticing symptoms. Yesterday there was quite a bit more white on my tongue! It is hard to tell in this photo, but there are also small red dots on my tongue as well. Seeing as though it has been a week or so that I have had this without being treated, it has spread to the roof of my mouth and my throat. I am praying it does not spread to my blood stream and cause another autoimmune condition, Lord KNOWS I do NOT need anymore of those! Doctors should loose their licenses for allowing people to go through this without comfort and also documenting it within a patients chart!

You can see below in this picture that what looks to be pools of whatever that white junk is! You can also see the bumps a little better as well.

 In the photo above you can notice better the little red bumps, see how it spread to my throat, and again the white junk on my tongue. It has also spread to the roof of my mouth, but I can not get a good photo of that and I believe you have seen enough! 
Let's move on to what oral thrush is, who is at risk of getting thrush and some natural remedies with some links to helpful information. As you can see below I encountered this problem because I have a weak immune system and wasn't making enough saliva. I am not quite sure yet, as to why. 

I ended up using the link below for home remedies and rubbed straight salt on my tongue with my finger, which led it to bubble up, foam, and burn a little bit. I could feel it working instantly and it produced a large amount of saliva and drooling. I then mixed about a table spoon of salt to warm water and gargled it in my throat in order to get my entire mouth and throat. 
See picture and links below. 

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