Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Diagnosis of Sick Sickly

I relate to the title of Sick Sickly also! As I told you, in the about me section, or will tell you depending on whether or not I have published it yet, when you read this, I relate to many things!
In a past life, which is what I like to call past experiences (so to speak), periods of time in which I was something and someone else at  different points in my journey, (if that makes any sense?) someone that I was close to in one of these points in time, had always called me sick sickly, and it was true, as much as I hated to hear it back then. I was always sick in one way or another whether it had to do with my illnesses that at that point I had been diagnosed with and some of them that I had not yet been diagnosed with, or it was just my weak immune system playing games with me and I caught every single bug, flu, or virus known to man throughout my entire life!

Monday, January 9, 2017

New Blog Testing

Hello Everyone,

This is just a test post for design purposes. I will have this blog up and running shortly!