Saturday, April 1, 2017

Chronic Illness and Suicide

If you have a family member or friend who is suicidal it is better to be there for them while they are alive and struggling, then to mourn them at their funeral after suicide! I have always been one to speak my mind and say exactly what it is I am thinking unapologetically without hitting an imaginary edit button in my mind (or would it be in my mouth?). I always hear people saying, while devastated by the suicide of a family member or friend, I wish I would have known or I wish there was something I could have done. Well, there was you could have been there, PERIOD! Now, this blog post is not for everyone who has ever lost someone to suicide, so please forgive me if you have lost a loved one to suicide and you feel offended. If you were there for your loved one before they did it then this is blog post is not aimed towards you. But, as sad as it is many of the people who commit suicide do so because they have reached a place in their life where they do not know where to turn, they feel completely alone (and usually are), or they just can't bare with what it is that is tormenting them (kind of like dealing with chronic illness or chronic pain).